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  The easy to thrive ad hoc network

Setting up the Node

1. Download and start the Ethane-Node application, by typing   path_to_java/java -jar Ethane-Node.jar

2. Select the Wireless Interface from the Interfaces List.

3. Enter the name fo the Ad hoc network and by clicking Enable Ad-Hoc you start the node

Starting the Gateway

1.Unzipp the Ethane-Server and start it by typing   path_to_java/java -jar Ethane-Server.jar

2. Select the Wireless Card

3. Enter an IP Address for the Wireless Card

4. Enter a name for the Ad Hoc Netwok that is going to be created

5. Enter the DHCP settings, you can also just use the predefined settings and just click apply

6. Select the Internet Connection (Private Interface)

7. Select the Wireless Ad Hoc Connection (Public Interface)

8. Click the Do NAT Button in order to start the Network Address Translation

9. Click Enable Routing in order to start the Gateway